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How to refund your customer directly through Bókun

Refunding a payment is a routine job for all travel companies. This is how you refund directly to your customers card in Bókun.

Some payment providers allow you to make refunds directly through Bókun. They are:

  • Bókun Pay
  • Trust My Travel
  • Rapyd
  • Valitor Payment Gateway
  • Stripe
  • Braintree

Other payment providers do not currently not support this option. If you are not using any of the payment providers listed above and need to make a refund, you can find more information here.

If you want to remove the need for you to handle refunds, we recommend you check out Enhanced Refund Terms.

How to refund a booking#

Find the booking you need to refund in your sales feed.

Click the Payment tab.

Click the refund button which is located below the paid amount.

NOTE: The "Add refund" button on the right of the screen does not refund to a credit card. It however allows you to add refunds on the booking for line items that might not have been paid with a credit card.

Add the amount you need to refund. You can do a full refund and a partial refund. Click Save to refund the selected amount to the customer's credit card.

Please note that this refund is only for online payments. If extras, pick-ups or any other cost items have been added to the booking since it was made, they can not be refunded to the customer's credit card since they were not paid with the credit card in the same transaction.

There might be more than one line items on the booking, but only one of them refundable via credit card.