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Booking desk

This article explains what the Booking Desk is and how to use it to make customized bookings.


What is the Booking Desk?

The Booking Desk is similar to the Create Booking area, where you can make internal bookings of your products in Bókun. However, the Booking Desk allows you to make customized bookings, book in the past, and overbook your products without affecting your regular availability settings.

To be able to make customized bookings, you must enable this feature for each product first. Here is information on how to enable customized bookings.


Where can I find the Booking Desk?

To enter you Booking desk click Bookings > Booking Desk in the left-hand menu bar.


How do I make a booking?

To add a booking:

1. Select an experience from a drop-down list

2. Select the date and the departure time (or the customized booking option if you are making a booking for a time that is different from your regular schedule)

3. Click continue to go on to the next step.

4. Fill in the below booking information:



Enter the general information about the booking.

  • Start time / departure
  • Customer title
  • Custom itinerary / description
  • Duration


Custom line items

Enter custom line items that are included in this booking, e.g. if this is a private tour, you can add private guide and private vehicle as custom line items.

  • Item, quantity, unit price and discount.
  • Rate: Select which rate you want to apply for this booking.



  • Select the number of participants and the number of Extras (if applicable). If you have any booking questions related to the Extras, they will appear on the right-hand side of the screen.

  • Currency: Select the currency you are booking in, if it is different from default currency.

  • Payment: Choose how the booking was paid:

    • Card - customer paid with card
    • Cash - customer paid cash
    • Not paid - customer has to pay on arrival (it will say not paid on his ticket)
    • Free - customer is a free passenger

    Note: If this is a sale made by a reseller, select card or cash. You will then have to invoice your reseller for the sale of the product.

  • Ext. Booking ref: Add an external booking reference number if applicable, for example the booking number from an agent you are booking for.

  • Email ticket: Check this box to email the ticket and customer invoice to the customer.



  • Fill in the customer information. First name and last name are mandatory.
  • Note for booking: These notes are related to this booking. If a reseller adds a comment on the booking for example, "Traveler needs to sit in front," the supplier sees this note on the booking.
  • Note for finance reports: These notes are for financial / accounting information and do not appear on operations reports.
  • Note for operations reports: These notes appear in operations lists like the passenger list.
  • Mark as arrived: Tick this box if relevant

Save the booking when you have filled in the required information. It will now appear in your Sales Feed.