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Bókun App Store

The Bókun App store is an online store where suppliers and resellers can browse, buy, and install apps for the Bókun platform. Install Bókun Apps to your Bókun Account to integrate with other systems, get access to additional services and add new features.


What apps does the store offer?

The App Store will offer multiple apps, both from Bókun and from 3rd party app developers. It will be frequently updated, and additional apps will be added in the near future.


The Apps that will be available in the App store will fall in one of the following categories:

  • Integration to other systems (accounting, CRM, metrics, etc.)
  • Services (SEM, web design, copywriting, translations, support, etc.)
  • New features for the Bókun platform.


The App Store currently offers multiple Apps:

  • Advanced Website Upgrade
  • Adventure dashboard
  • Adventure photos
  • Adventure waivers
  • Agents
  • Bokun Mobile App
  • Custom Reports
  • Google Calendar Sync
  • Channel Manager API (formerly Inventory Services)
  • PaxFlow
  • PaxPortal by Paxflow
  • Promoto
  • Recras
  • Slack notifications
  • Subvendors - Account splitting
  • Wayop Operation Tool

For more information on each app, check out this article.


How does it work?

Access the App Store by clicking App Store in the left-hand side menu in your Bókun account. There you can browse the Apps available and install the one you like.

Please note that to be able to install third-party apps such as Google Sync and Slack, you need to log in your Bókun account with your specific subdomain link ( which can be found in Settings > Company > Company profile > Subdomain.

  • Click the app you’d like to install. You can click See product page for further details on the key benefits, information, pricing and a preview of how it works.

  • Click Install app to install the app.

  • The app will now be added to your monthly subscription.

The credit card attached to your Bókun account will be charged the App price at the time you add it to your subscription. The billing date will be based on the date you switched to Bókun PRO.


How are the apps priced?

The apps can be priced differently depending on functionality, the creator of the app, etc. The types of prices are:

  • One time fee
  • A yearly subscription fee
  • A monthly subscription fee

Some of the apps may have differently priced tiers. Please make sure to check the details before subscribing.

You can view your subscription settings under Settings > Subscription > Account and billing.


How do I pay for Apps?

Each app will be added to your monthly subscription and will be automatically charged via the payment method you’ve selected in your account. To check which method you’ve got set up, head over to your Account & Billing section.


Developer access

If you’re a developer interested in working with us, we’re happy to provide you developer access. Go to to create a partner account. You can also get information on documentation here: