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Advanced Website Upgrade

Customizing your website using the Advanced Website Upgrade App for your Bókun booking website

The Bókun PRO plan includes a booking website which is a fully responsive website, hosted by Bókun, to feature your brand and products.


It consists of the fundamentals:

  • A Home page that features your business and mission.
  • A Tours page that allows travellers to book your products and experiences online.
  • A Contact page, so your customers can get in touch with you.

However, if you want to push your business to the next level, you can add our Advanced website upgrade to your plan. This allows you full customization to tailor your website for your business, create unlimited pages or even add a blog.


What’s the difference between the Bókun booking website and the Advanced Website Upgrade?

Every setting available to manage the Bókun booking website is available in your Bókun account. If you add the Advanced Website Upgrade, you get access to the Bókun Website Editor where you can use the full set of features that is included in the upgrade. Below you can find a list of the features available.


Bókun booking website

Advanced Website Upgrade


Included in your PRO plan

Included in your PRO plan

Social connections (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)

Display TripAdvisor reviews

Display your contact information

Choose which products you’d like to be displayed

Use a custom domain

Customize text, buttons, images and the background

Translate your site to different languages

Reorder, manage and create new pages

Customize the site navigation

Customize booking widgets

Display an image gallery

Set up and add blog posts

Configure SEO

Configure Google Analytics

Here’s an overview of the exclusive features included in the Advanced Website Upgrade:

  • Design: The Global Design section allows for design settings that affect the entire website. Here you can customize the site's text, buttons, images, background, and navigation widgets from this menu. This lets you make quick and efficient visual changes all in one place, reducing design time and keeping the site's style consistent across all pages.
  • Pages and Pop-ups: You can reorder, manage and create new pages on the site. Organize the widgets on your site the way you or your customer wants to improve the visitors' experience and increase the chance of booking.
  • Widget design: Within the editor, you get access to many more widgets that you can drag and drop onto your website. You can also customize the widgets’ appearance with design options that can perfectly match the style of the site, or one that stands out and attracts visitors' attention. You’ll also get access to our Bókun widgets.
  • Images and content: Provides an area for you to easily save and access images, files, and information for the site.
  • Blog: The blog editor is used to set up a new blog and add posts. You can design the perfect blog for your business and update it easily with new posts that have their specific content and are optimized for SEO.


What is the price for the Advanced Website Upgrade?

The Advanced Website Upgrade is FREE of charge.


How do I add it to my subscription?

You can add any App to your subscription through the Bókun App Store. Find more information here.