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Bókun website: How to edit global design

Make global changes to your website to save time. Change text, images, backgrounds, etc. quickly and efficiently.

If you don't have a Bókun Website yet, create one in your Bókun account with one click: How to create a Bókun website

The Global Design section lets you make global changes that affect your entire site. You can customize your site's text, buttons, images, background, and navigation widgets from this menu. This allows you to quickly and efficiently make sweeping visual changes, reducing design time and keeping your site's style consistent across pages.

By adding the Advanced Website Upgrade app, you can edit Global Design for your website. The App is FREE of charge. Get more information on our Apps.


Global Design changes

In the Bókun Website Builder, click on Design on the left-hand side to open the Global Design panel.

We recommend that you first decide on a global style, and then make customizations to parts of your site that you want to stand out or look different from the rest. Changes that you make to specific widgets or pages will override these global styles.


Global text style

This section lets you control Text Style for your site, both for text and titles of all sizes (Header 1 - Header 6). Change the font size, style, colour, and other edits that will affect the text for all future paragraph and title widgets.


Global Button Style

Buttons can be used for your call-to-actions - compelling a customer to book. The Global Button Style section lets you control the style of the button on your website. Select one of our button designs and set the background colour, border style, and text. Choose other effects like adding rounded corners or shadows to the button.


Global Images

The Global Images section lets you control the style of the images on your site. Change the border type and width. Choose other effects like adding rounded corners or shadows to the images.


Global Rows

The Global Rows section lets you control the padding and spacing of rows on both desktop and tablet.


Site Background

The Site Background settings allows you to edit the background for your website. You can both edit the background for all pages or edit the background for individual pages.


Site Layout

The Site Layout settings lets you control the layout of your website. You can edit the layout in both desktop, tablet and mobile view.