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Bókun website: Adding a TripAdvisor Reviews widget (PRO)

Display the review from your TripAdvisor profile on your Bókun website.

Studies have shown that travellers want to see feedback from other travellers before they make their booking decisions. The TripAdvisor widget is a great way for you to showcase traveller feedback and use it as an additional selling point for your products.

By adding the Advanced Website Upgrade app, you can add the TripAdvisor Reviews widget to your website. The App is FREE of charge. More information on our Apps.


Where are my reviews taken from?

The TripAdvisor Reviews widget is automatically pulling reviews' data from your TripAdvisor listing that you’ve provided in your account:

  1. In your Bókun account, navigate to the Websites tab
  2. Go to the TripAdvisor reviews section where you can check or change the URL it is taken from.
  3. Note: This is also where your About us section on your website is populated from.


Adding the widget to your website

To add the widget:

  1. In the left panel menu of your Advanced Website editor, click Widgets and find the TripAdvisor Review widget under the Basics section.
  2. Click and drag the widget into your site.

Next, right-click the widget, and click Edit Content:

  1. Here you can add a Title introducing the reviews, i.e “What our clients say” or “What travellers say about us”
  2. You can also decide how many reviews you want to display and in which order.
  3. Finally, you can change some design elements by navigating to the Design tab of the widget. Here you can change general design aspects such as style, font, size or alignment.


Can I change the reviews that are displayed?

By default, the website builder always pulls your newest, highest rated reviews.

If you’d like to change the reviews that are displayed, you’ll have to mark the ones you want to appear as favourites in your TripAdvisor account. These will then be prioritized over the default settings. Learn more about setting reviews as favourites here.