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How to add a booking within the Create booking section

This short video explains how to log bookings in Bókun

We're working to refresh the videos to keep up with our new navigation, so please bear with us for the time being!

How to add a booking in Bókun?

To manually book experiences, click Bookings > Create booking in the left-hand side menu.

At the top of the page you can select the language, agent or affiliate and the currency you want to book in. The product list and prices will adjust according to what you selected.

You have multiple options of searching for activities to book. Across the screen you have a banner where you can search for:

  • Product title, e.g. Golden Circle, Kayaking, Pub Crawl, etc.
  • Start date and end date, e.g. if you are looking for all available activities from 1st of June until 6th of June.
  • Quantity of passengers, e.g. if you need to find availability for group of 15 passengers.

Then on the right-hand side of the screen you have a sidebar where you can filter search results by:

  • Operator: the supplier of the activity you are looking for
  • Experience type: you can search by day tours or multi day tours.
  • Categories, e.g. hop on hop off, walking tours
  • Attributes, a specification that defines the product
  • Country, the country where the tour takes place
  • City, the city where the tour takes place
  • Guided languages

Note that these filters are based on information that suppliers add to their products. It could be that there are experiences that are not categorized and will not be found by these filters. This information is added in the experience setup.

Above the search filter on the right there are two buttons that allow you to switch between list view and grid view with images of your bookable products. If you select e.g. list view the system remembers that next time you log in.

  • List view: To book, select the name of the product.

  • Grid/image view: To book, select the picture of the product.

After you have selected the product you would like to book, you get to a screen that is showing more information on the product and where you have a booking engine where you select, date, time, quantity of passengers, as well as extras and pickup if applicable.

Next, you can select to continue with the booking or go back and select more products in the shopping cart, e.g. add another experience.

Now we click Finish this booking then you get to a page where you add the customer name, e-mail and other details. You will also have the option to search for an existing customer in the system.

Start by adding the customer's information, first and last name etc. Click continue to go to the next step.

After you press continue you'll get to booking questions. If there are any booking questions listed for this product or booking channel, they will appear on the screen now. For example, they could be:

  • Fill in answers related to extras, e.g. shoe size if you added hiking boots

  • Product related questions. E.g. are you allergic to some food, in the case lunch is included.

  • Fill in the information and then click Continue to finish the booking.

In this final step you have an overview of which products have been added to the shopping cart. In this step you can add:

  • Discount to your booking
  • Edit the tax that is added to it
  • Add custom line items to the invoice
  • Add promo code to give discount
  • Add booking label
  • Add external booking reference
  • Select to send (checked box) or not to send (not checked box) the ticket to the customer.

The last thing to do before confirming the booking to add payment to the booking. There are the below payment options, depending on your account:

  • Pay Online Now - if you have added a payment provider to accept online payment you will see this option. If selected you will be redirected to your payment page where you can add a credit card number and finalize the payment.
  • Enter payment manually - if selected you will get three payment options. Cash, Card and Voucher from external system. All of them will appear as paid in the supplier's system.
  • Pay Later - this options means that you, as the seller, will have to collect payment later. NOTE this option does NOT mean that the customer will pay on arrival. The supplier will see that the booking is fully paid. It is the seller's responsibility to collect payment before departure.
  • Send a Payment link - if you select this option, the traveler will get an email with a payment link to make the payment within a set time frame. The payment is secured by your payment provider and will offer the credit cards/Paypal depending on your settings in your Payment provider account. You can find more information here.

Your booking will be displayed in the Sales Feed where you can edit it and check the booking details. Further information on how edit bookings can be found here.