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Booking questions

This article explains how to add booking questions to gather information from your customers at the time of booking.

Booking questions explained

Booking questions are customizable questions that you can create for each experience. Booking questions gather customer information during the booking process.

You can export the list of booking questions you've added for a specific product and the answers provided by your customers through Custom reports and the Passenger list.

How to add booking questions

  1. Click Experiences Overview and select the experience by clicking on the title
  2. Go to Booking > Questions in product settings side menu
  3. Click on add + Add a question

Booking Question Settings

For each booking question, you can configure the following:

  • Question: The question you want to ask the customer (mandatory).
  • This question asks for personal data: Check this box if you are asking the customer for personal data.
  • Answer is required: Check this box, if you want this question be required.
  • Help text: add a short description to help clarify the question.
  • Placeholder: If there's no value to fill in, the text you add here will appear instead.
  • Type of Answer: Choose how the customer should answer (mandatory).
  • Default value: If the customer does not answer the question, select a value that will be added instead .
  • When to ask the question: Choose if the question is per person, per extra or per booking.
  • Ask when certain pricing categories are booked: Select if the question should only be asked when certain pricing categories are booked. For example, only ask for Driving license number when adults book.
  • Ask when certain rates are booked: Select if the question should only be asked when certain rates are booked. For example, when a group rate is being booked.
  • Ask when certain extras are booked: Select if the question should only be asked when certain Extras are booked. For example: only ask if someone adds a meal as an extra.

Remember to submit your changes.

The booking questions will be shown to the customers during the check out process.