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Experience rates

This article will show you how to edit Experience rates and explains how they can help manage the pricing of your experience.


What is an Experience Rate?

Rates can be used to manage multiple tour options and pricing for particular experiences.


What are some examples of Rates?

  • Rates can be used to create a standard tour vs. a premium tour, where the premium tour option is more expensive than the standard tour.
  • Rates can also be used to create tour options for different languages, such as an English tour and Spanish tour option.
  • Rates can be created for group rates vs. rate per person.
  • Rates can be used to differentiate between tour options that include an extra.
  • Rates can be used to differentiate between a morning or afternoon tour if your experience has flexible start times


Can start times be connected to specific Rates?

Yes, you can link a rate to specific start times if you want to be able to control the availability of each rate individually.


What else can rates control?

  • Min/max passengers per rate, for example a group rate of min 1 and max 10
  • Pick up options
  • Extras and pricing on extras
  • Cancellation policy


What is the difference between min/max set in rates and min/max set in availability?

The minimum and maximum of a rate is the minimum and maximum of every booking. The minimum and maximum of the availability is the minimum and maximum of the first booking entire departure. More information on availability.


How to Edit Rates

1. To add a new rate or edit an existing rate, select an Experiences from your experience list.

2. Click on Open step in the top right corner of the Rate box.

3. This will open product settings where you can Edit and/or Add rates.

4. Once you have selected a rate (or created a new one), you will come to the rate settings page.

  • Title: The name of the Rate.
  • Passenger price is per person: If this box is selected, the pricing for this rate is per person. If this box is not selected, the price is per booking, regardless of how many passengers book together.
  • Pricing categories available for this rate: If this rate is not available for all pricing categories, you can select the categories that are available for this rate. Pricing Categories are used to define your products prices per Adult, Child, Group, etc.
  • Tiered Pricing: This feature allows you to set up tiered pricing for your experience. Learn more about tiered pricing here.
  • Start times that offer this rate: Select which start times correspond to this rate option. You can select multiple start times for one rate. If none are selected, this rate will be applied to all start times you have listed for this experience
  • Minimum passengers per booking: The minimum number of people required to book this rate option. (Please note that the number selected as the minimum will also be the minimum number required for first booking. For example, if your min pax is 5, then whoever books an experience first must book for 5 pax and then other travelers can book for less pax until your max is hit). If there is a required minimum for the experience to take place, please make note of this in your experience description so travelers are aware.
  • Maximum Passengers per booking: The maximum number of people per booking for this rate option.
  • Pickup selection: Select if pickup is offered for this rate option. You have three options:
    • Optional - customer can select if they need pickup or not
    • Preselected - pick up is included in the tour. There is not an opt out option.
    • Unavailable - there is no pickup as part of this rate option
  • Pick-up pricing If pickup is selected, you will have the option to choose if pick up is:
    • Included in price
    • Priced seperately
  • Cancellation Policy: Select the cancellation policy that applies to this particular rate option. You can create cancellation policies by clicking Products > Refunds and cancellations.
  • Description: Short description of the rate. Not mandatory and can only be displayed by API (not visible in the widget).
  • Rate code: Short code that identifies the rate. Not mandatory.


⚠️ If you are connected to one or more OTA, please contact Bókun support. Deleting rates that are connected to an OTA can break your API connection with that OTA.