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How to add tiered pricing to your experience

What is tiered pricing, how to add it to products, and where to go to do so.

Please note that if you're connected to an OTA, please contact the Support team before making any changes to your pricing setup to prevent a disconnection between Bokun and the OTA. You can contact the support team by clicking the blue chat icon in the bottom right corner or send an email to

**What is tiered pricing?

**Tiered Pricing is a feature that encourages shoppers to buy larger quantities of a product by applying discounts based on the quantity ordered. For example, you can have a certain price per person when a booking is made for 1-3 people and set a lower price per person if a booking is made for 4 people or more.

How do I activate tiered pricing?

Select “Products” from the top bar and “Experiences" from the drop-down menu.

Select the name of the experience you want to add a tiered pricing to.

Navigate to “Rates” and select open step.

Select "Edit" on the Rate you'd like to add Tiered Pricing to. Tierd Pricing will only work if the rate is set to "Price Per Person", so confirm that it's green. Then, select "Enable tiered pricing".

You can now add the tiers for each pricing category. To do so, you have to check the boxes next to the pricing categories you'd like to add a tiered pricing to.

Next, you add the minimum and maximum numbers of people for each tier, e.g. 1-10 people, 11-20 people, 21-30 people and so on. If you enter no maximum number for a tier, the number of people for that tier is unlimited.

You can remove a tier by clicking on the red "Remove" button.

You can add another tier by clicking on the "Add another tier" button.

Remember to save!

**Where do I add the prices to my tiers?

**Select the “Price catalog” tab in your “Product overview”.

Add prices to all your price catalogs (provided that you have more than one), date ranges and in all currencies you have activated for the selected product. Make sure to save the prices after adding them.

Prices are managed centrally in Bokun, whereas this current view in the product page only allows you to add prices to your products. To manage date ranges, currencies, add more price catalogs etc., select the Manage price catalogs and date ranges link or select “Products” > “Price catalog”.

You can preview the product and prices by clicking on "Preview" in the product page.

Here's a short video showing you how you can add a tiered pricing to your product.