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How to use booking notes

You can add notes to your bookings in Bókun if needed.

Navigate to Bookings > Sales Feed in the left-hand side menu. Find the booking you want to resend the confirmation email for and click the booking reference number.

Step 1. Open the booking you want to re-confirm via email.

Step 2. Click the product booking ID.

You can add three types of notes to the booking:

Note for booking: These notes are common notes that follow the booking, they do not appear on any lists. If a reseller adds a note to the booking e.g. "Needs to sit in front", the supplier sees this note on the booking.

Note to appear on finance reports: These noes are for financial / accounting information and do not appear on operations reports.

Note to appear on operations reports: These notes appear in operations lists, e.g. participant lists.