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How to log a refund against a booking

This article explains how to log a refund against a booking in Bókun. Logging a refund in Bókun will not refund your customers, but only creates a credit record on the booking so that your data in Bókun is correct.

In some cases you can refund your customer directly through Bókun, it depends on the payment provider whether that is possible or not. For more detailed information on how to refund directly and which payment providers support that option, click here.

How to log a refund against a booking

Log a refund against a booking in your Sales feed by:

  1. Clicking on the booking number in the top left corner of the booking card to open the booking overview page

  1. Clicking on the Add refund to invoice button under the Payments tab at the top of the page

  1. Entering the amount you will be refunding to your customer, and click Save.

You've now logged a refund against a booking in Bókun and will need to process the actual refund of money to the customer outside of Bókun.

However, when it comes to credit card payments, Bókun can not transfer money from your account to the customer's account. You need to contact your payment provider and ask for a refund, or log into the back-end systems your payment provider has given you access to.