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How to import bookings

Import all your bookings and update them in bulk with an Excel spreadsheet

Instead of individually adding your bookings to Bókun, you can fill in an Excel spreadsheet and import all of your bookings in one go. You can access the import template in your Bókun account.

Note: You cannot use any other Excel sheet or template to import the products.

1. Click Settings in the bottom left corner and then click Import bookings.

2. To download the booking import template click Download template here.

3. Fill in the Excel sheet with all of your bookings you'd like to import.

4. After you have filled in the template, click Choose file, locate the file in your documents, and Click here to import. That will import all the bookings from your Excel sheet.

Your bookings should now appear in your sales feed. Click Bookings > Sales Feed in the left-hand side menu to see them.

If you need more information on this feature you can contact

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