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How to create private tours for groups

You can either create a a normal price per person pricing category or create private tours for groups for a set price.


You set up your private tour like you would usually set up your products. Most of the settings we will be going into in more detail are under Availability, Pricing and Booking of the experience editor.

In this example, we'll create a private culinary tour for 1-4 people for the total cost of 50.000 ISK.


The Availability section

The Availability section

  • Since we're only offering this private tour for 1-4 people, we need to make sure to select Limited number under Capacity in the Availability settings.

  • Go to Calendar in Availability settings to add the days and number of passnagers you'd like to add. In this case we''ll add a group of 1-4 people every Tuesday-Sunday.

The calendar now shows availability for 1-4 people.

The Pricing section

The Pricing section

  • Add the pricing category under Pricing > Pricing categories.

  • The price itself is then added under Pricing>Pricing.

The Booking section

The Booking section

  • Now, let's add our booking questions. In this case, we'd like to know if the guests have any allergies. You can see a preview of your question on the right hand side of the screen. You can also choose what type of answer you will accept.

  • Make sure to save your changes.

Once we've published the experience, we can see what the experience will look likein your online booking engine.

And in the third stage, we can see the booking questions.


The product is now available to book by any groups of up to four people.