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How to create private tours for groups

As a supplier, you can create private tours for groups for a set price.

I'm going to make a demonstration of , I'm going to create a private culinary tour for 1-4 people for the total cost of 50.000 ISK.

You set up your private tour like you would usually set up your products. Most of the settings we will be going into in more detail are under "Availability", "Pricing" and "Booking".

Go to "Products" > "Experiences" to create your private tour. Here is more detailed information on how to create a new product.

The "Availability" section.

Since this is a private tour, I want to offer my customers some flexibility when it comes to start times. I therefore choose "Just date, no time" in the "Availability" settings.

Since I am only offering this private tour for 1-4 people, I need to make sure I select "Limited number" under "Capacity" in the "Availability" settings.

I want to make this tour available for a group of 1-4 people every Tuesday-Sunday so I add those days to my "Calendar" in my "Availability" settings.

The calendar now shows availability for 1-4 people.

The "Pricing" section.

I have already made a pricing category called "Culinary tour 1-4" where I've made sure that all my 4 seats get occupied when the pricing category gets selected during the booking process. Here's further information on how to create and add pricing categories.

I add that pricing category under "Pricing" > "Pricing categories".

The price itself is then added under "Pricing">"Price catalog".

The "Booking" section.

This is where I can add my booking questions. In this case, I need to know what time they want to start the tour and how many are joining so I need to ask two questions. As I type it into the field, I can see how my question will look like. I can also choose what type of answer I want to enable.

I then make sure I save my changes.

Once I've published the product, I can see what it looks like in my online booking engine.

And in the second stage, I can see the booking questions.

My product is now available to book by any groups of up to four people.