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How to create combo experiences

This article explains how to combine two or more experiences into one

Combo products combine two or more experiences into one product offering.

You can combine your own products together, or if you have an active Bokun marketplace contract with another supplier, you can combine one of your products with one of their products to make a third product that combines the two experiences.

Important things to keep in mind when you create combo products:

  • Combo products' start times can not overlap each other, they must follow each other
  • There must be enough time for the traveller to go from one experience to the next one
  • If you are combining a product with another supplier's product, the other supplier must be in your area
  • The availability of the combo product is based on the other two (or more) products' availability

How to Create a Combo Product

  1. Create a new Experiences - this experience will combine two or more experiences together. Fill out the product settings fields with the relevant information for this product. For more information about product settings, please read this article.

2. In the "Advanced" product settings, select "This experience is a combination of other experiences".

3. Once you reach the start times area of product settings, you will be prompted to start creating the combo experience.
You will add the other experiences to create a combo experience under "Start times".

  • First add a start time that makes sense for the combo experience. Then, a message prompting you to connect the other experiences, will appear.
  • Click on "Connect with other experiences."

4. The next step is to select which experiences you want to add to the combo experience.
We will call these experiences the "parent" experiences of your combo experience.

You will be asked to select the supplier, the experience, and the start time of your "parent" experience to add to the combo experience.

Note: the start times from the parent experiences should not overlap. Then, click on "+Add start time."

5. From the same pop up page, add another "parent" experience. Then click on "Submit".

6. Next, connect the two parent experiences to combo together. Click on the link under "Map CSTs"

7. A new window will open, where you will be asked to match the pricing categories and rates of one of the two "parent" experiences to your combo experience.

You will also be asked if you want to bring the pick up places from the first "parent " experience. If toggled to green, it will bring over the pick up places from the first parent product.

Select the corresponding settings for the second parent experience below it.

8. Click Submit

9. The next step is to add the pricing for your combo experience. Remember this is the price of the combo experience, so price the product appropriately.

10. Finish adding any other information in Product Settings and the Product Overview.

Once you are done editing the product, publish your experience.

Ticket settings for combo tours

You can edit the ticket settings for combo tours in the "Advanced" product settings.

Toggle is grey - Customer receives a ticket only for the combo experience
Toggle is green - Customer receives a ticket for both the combo experience and the experiences that are part of the combo.

You can also select all combo parts that the customer should receive a ticket for under "Ticket combo components," (selecting none is the same as selecting all).

You can access all tickets for both the combo tour and the combo parts under "Tickets".

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