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What is a booking widget? (PRO)

This article explains what a booking widget is and why you need it. It will also cover all the widgets that can be created in Bókun.

What is a booking widget?#

A booking widget is an application used to accept online reservation on your website. At Bókun, we use the term widgets to refer to any of the online booking widget or other applications that help make your online booking experience better.

Why do I need a booking widget?#

You need a booking widget if you want to accept online bookings or if you are reselling your suppliers' products on your own website.

How do I add a widget to my website?#

You need to add your website in Bókun as a booking channel before you’re able to embed a widget. Learn more about booking channels. Then, widgets are added to a website using an embedded code that is generated directly in Bókun.

Where can I access the widget dashboard in Bókun?#

Click on Sales Tools in the side navigation, then select Booking widgets from the drop down list.

Bókun widgets#