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Boost online sales with automated message triggers for abandoned carts

Please note that this feature is available for selected vendors only

According to research, guests abandon the online checkout process in 70% of the cases.

To help you with your online sales conversion and provide travelers with a better booking experience, we’ve introduced an automated message trigger for abandoned carts.

How does it work?

The automated message trigger for abandoned carts can send an email to your customers who drop out of their booking process after they leave their personal details and before they make a purchase. Your customers will receive the reminder of the experiences they are yet to book with a link so that they seamlessly continue their purchasing journey with you.

Automated message configuration and opt-out

We have created a ready-to-use template for automated messages for abandoned carts, which is enabled by default in your Bókun account and will be automatically sent out to customers that abandon their check-out process after they leave their contact information. The email default setting is to be sent on the day after the incomplete purchase if the product added to their cart is still available.

You can change the email text and configure the delay time through the automated messages feature in your Bókun account. To personalize your automated message, follow the instructions in our Automated message help desk article

Turning off the automated message for abandonment cart

Simply switch off the active/inactive toggle to make the automated message inactive by going to Settings > Auto messages > select Deactivate on the drop-down menu (right-hand side) of the auto message you want to deactivate

What if travellers do not like it?

Travellers can simply click on the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the automated email to opt-out, and they won't receive it for their future bookings.