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Creating experience gift cards to sell your products

Give your customers an option to share your experiences with their friends and family by offering gift cards for all special occasions. Gift cards are a great way for your customers to give their friends and family a chance to experience your tours and activities, and now you can gift specific experiences!

You can create gift cards in Bókun and sell them directly on your website. The gift cards can then be used by your customers via your online booking engine.



Types of gift cards

In Bókun you can create two different kinds of gift cards. Value based ones or experience based ones.

Experience gift cards

Experience gift cards can only be used for a specific experience. You can find additional information on how to create them below.

Value gift cards

Value gift cards can be used for all experiences you offer but are for a specific value. You can find more ifnormation on how to create them here.


If you’ve already created your gift cards, learn more about how you can sell them on your website.


How do I create experience gift cards?

How do I create experience gift cards?​

  • Click ​Experiences​ > ​Gift cards​.
  • Go to the ​Online collection​ section at the top menu.
  • Select ​Create new collection​.
  • Select ​Experience gift​ card and enter the title of your ​new collection list​.

  • Once done, you’ll be able to add an experience each to the list. Select ​Add an experience​.

  • Select the ​product​ you wish to create a gift card for and add a ​prefix​ that all bought gift cards will have. You can also add an ​expiration date​ for the gift card.

  • Click ​Save changes​.
  • Once your gift card collection is ready, you can sell your gift card by creating a gift card booking engine to add to your website if you select ​sell online​.

Please note:​

  • The experience gift cards apply to the experiences default pricing category and default rate. If the default is changed, the cards will the new default instead.
  • Preselected extras and mandatory pick-ups​ will not be included in the value of the gift card.

Find out how to sell gift cards online here.

Can I create a one-off experience gift card?

Can I create a one-off experience gift card?​​

Yes, you can still create one-off gift cards. In the gift card menu, click ​create a gift card​ on the right-hand side in the ​sales overview​ tab. However, please note that these types of gift cards have limited quantity and can’t be sold on your website but are meant for walk-in customers.

  • Make sure you select ​Experience gift card​ at the top of the page and select your experience.
  • Optional:​ Add a prefix to easier identify sales front his card and add a card expiration date.

Please note:

  • The experience gift cards apply to the default pricing category and default rate. If the default is changed, the cards will still be usable on the new default.

  • Preselected extras and mandatory pick-ups will not be included in the value of the gift card.


If you want to sell your gift cards online instead, please follow the instructions above to create a new gift card collection.


What does the gift card look like to guest booking the experience?

What does the gift card look like to the guest booking the experience?​

Travellers can purchase the gift cards just like any other product. Here’s a preview of the gift card widget:

Once booked, the booking guest can send the gift URL link to the receiving guest. The gift card itself looks like this:


How will the guest give the gift card to the receiver?

Once the gift card has been bought, the guest will receive an email including the gift card link. They can either send the link to the receiver or just forward the email.

Alternatively, the URL links to a PDF that can be printed out to gift a physical gift card.



What if I no longer want to offer the gift card collection?

You can remove the widget from your website and delete the configuration in your account if you select it in the drop-down menu and select the bin symbol.


What if my prices change during a specific season?

This won’t affect the guest receiving your gift card, as the default price of the tour will be applied to the gift card. This means if your guest receives the gift card in December as a Christmas present and later your default price changes due to the season, they won’t have to pay extra.


What if I have mandatory extras on a tour?

Please note that mandatory extras or preselected pick-ups you charge an extra amount for, are not considered in gift cards, and the guest will need to pay extra for them during check-out.


Can I limit the pricing schedule the gift card applies to or exclude specific dates?

This is currently not possible, but you can use the expiration date to limit the duration the card can be used in.


How can apply discounts to my experience gift cards

In order to offer lower rates on your gift cards, you would need to create a price modulator and apply it to your gift card. If you only want to apply the modulator to your experience gift card and not have the discount on the normal experience, you would need to create a specific booking channel for the widget.


Step-by-step: How to only discount one experiences gift card

  • Add a new pricing catalog. Select Experiences, then price catalog. Select Add at the top right to add a new catalog and enter a Title.

  • Add the new pricing catalog to your experience. In order to do so, you will need to enter the experience and go to Advanced pricing tab and select Add on the pricing catalog.

  • Now create a new booking channel and add your new pricing catalog to it. More info on how to create a new booking channel here.

  • Create a Discount price modulator and apply it for the time frame you need.
  • If you have not done so already, create a gift card collection with the product you wish to discount.
  • Use your new booking channel to create a gift card widget that uses your new pricing catalog and experience gift card collection.

Make sure that your price modulator shows the applied discount first, and you can check if your discount is applied in the widget preview.


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