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How to embed a booking widget (PRO)

This article teaches you how to create the booking widget code in Bókun in order to embed it onto your website.

To accept bookings on your website, you must embed a booking widget. To add a booking widget to your website, you generate an embed code which you then paste on to your website.

Embedding the booking widget relies on iFrames that are added to your website's source code.

How to embed widgets#

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First Things First#

There are a few steps you need to take before you can add the booking widget to your website.

How to Create a Widget Code#

1. Click on Sales tools > Booking widgets in the side navigation menu

2. Choose the type of widget you would like to use, below are examples of each type of widget:

A simple booking button that you can edit so it fits your website and brand.  When clicked, the booking button opens up a separate window that includes either a product list widget, a product page widget or a calendar widget.

A general booking widget that you can add to your website. The calendar widget is directly linked to a checkout widget.

Product List
A widget that shows a list of selected products. The list shows pictures, duration and prices and a short description for the selected products.  If the product is selected you are moved to the Product Page Widget. The product list widget is an easy solution to set up a simple booking website e.g. for a conference or some other event where limited quantity of products are offered. You can choose bewteen 2 different layout:

  • Card view will display up to three items card per row
  • List view will show one product per row
Card viewList view

Product Page
A product page widget shows description, images and a booking widget for the product all in one ready-made page. Note, the text description is in an iframe, which means that the text is not found by search engines. This page is good for experiences that are sent as links to a traveller, e.g. links to a booking page for a conference.

Gift Card

You can set up Gift Cards for your customers to buy online. First you have to create an option to sell Gift cards online, then you can create widgets for them. Here are more information on Gift cards and how o set them up.

3. Click the Generate Embed code button in the widget wizard on the left-hand side.

4. Copy the embed code by clicking theCopy Embed Code button

This is the code you should paste where the booking widget is supposed to be located on your website.

How to embed articles#