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How to create a booking button booking widget (PRO)

A Booking Button is a simple button that you can edit so it fits your website and brand.

When clicked, the booking button opens up a separate window that includes either a product list widget, a product page widget or a calendar widget.

Here are examples of booking buttons:

To create a new Booking Button widget code, select Sales tools > booking widgets in the left-hand side menu

Select Button in the widget wizard on the left-hand side:

Next, you can customize the button by clicking the edit appearance button in left-hand side. You can change the text, colour of the button and the text, the height, width, the font size and the radius.

Next, go back to Online Sales > Widgets where you can create the embed code for your widget so you can add it to your webpage.

  • Select the button trigger you'd like the button to direct to, a product list, a product page or a calendar in the dropdown list to the left.
  • Select the booking channel you'd like to add the widget to in the dropdown list at the top
  • Click the Generate embed code button

You can then click the Copy embed code button. This is the code you should paste where the booking widget is supposed to be located on your website.

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