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How to create a product list booking widget

An online booking engine showing all of your products

A product list is a widget that shows a list of selected products. The list shows pictures, duration and prices for the selected products.

If the product is selected the customer is moved to the next step in the booking process. The product page is used in connection with the product list widget.

To be able to create and embed a product list widget, you have to have at least one product list in your account: How to create a product list.

Here is an example of a product list widget:

To create a new product list widget code, select Widgets in the top bar.

Select Product list in the widget wizard on the left-hand side:

Next, you can customize your widget by clicking the Widget configurations button in the top right corner.

You can choose which elements of the list to show in the widget from the list on the left. The updates are made live to the preview available on the right-hand side. You can preview the widget both in laptop, mobile and tablet mode. Remember to save your configuration.

Next, you can create the embed code for your widget so you can add it to your webpage.

  • Select the product list you'd like to create a widget for in the drop-down list on the left
  • Select the booking channel you'd like to add the widget to in the dropdown list at the top
  • Click on Generate embed code.

You can then click the Copy embed code button. This is the code you should use when embedding it into your website.

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