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Auto update from Viator to Bókun

Auto update from Viator to Bókun updates almost all the settings of your products automatically when you make a change to your product in Viator, saving you time and effort.


Product settings that are automatically updated from Viator to Bókun when you make a change in Viator

These are the product settings that must be changed in Viator and will automatically update when you update them on Viator:

  • Start times
  • Rates
  • Categories & themes
  • Tour details
  • What makes this tour unique
  • Inclusions & exclusions
  • Guides and languages
  • Information travellers need from you
  • Level of difficulty
  • Cancellation policy
  • Pricing Type
  • Information you need from travelers
  • Photos
  • Pricing


Product settings that are managed in Bókun

You must manage the Availability and close outs in Bókun, not in Viator.


Product settings that are not auto-updated between Bókun and Viator and have to be updated in both systems

These sections must be updated in both Bókun and Viator:

  • Meeting points
  • Pickup places
  • Agenda items
  • Booking questions

Please note, if you have auto update from Viator to Bókun enabled, you will need to update the start times in Viator and this will automatically update your Bókun products. That means that the Viator start times auto-sync won't work for those products.


How can I enable Auto update for my Bókun Viator connection?

  1. Click Sales tools > OTAs > Viator

  2. Toggle Auto update from Viator to Bokun to green

    ⚠️ The product information and content on Viator will replace what you have already in Bókun. If you turn on auto-update, we cannot restore the product information you had in Bókun.


How can I enable auto deactivation for my Bókun Viator connection?

  1. Click Sales tools > OTAs > Viator on the side navigation.
  2. Toggle Auto deactivate on Bokun when deactivated on Viator to green.
  3. Auto deactivation is now active in your accounts.


How does the auto deactivate from Viator to Bókun work?

This option means that when a product is deactivated on Viator, it will automatically be deactivated on Bókun. This only works from Viator to Bókun, not from Bókun to Viator.


I have made changes in Viator, but they are not updating in Bókun?

Please contact us at, and we’ll be glad to help.