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Avoid OTA disconnection when making changes to your products

When making certain changes to your products on Bókun, which don’t match your settings on your Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), you’re at risk of breaking your connection and your products won’t be bookable.

Here’s what you need to know

If you’d like to make changes or simply add or remove any of the below on Bókun, it is important that you make the same adjustments on any OTA you’re using (Expedia, Viator, GetYourGuide etc.):

  • Start Times
  • Pricing Categories
  • Pick up settings
  • Deleting or Deactivating products
  • Adding new products
  • Adding or removing product in contract terms
  • Booking cut-off time

If any of the above settings don’t match between Bókun and your OTA’s, Availability will not be connected correctly and your products, therefore, won’t be available to book.


Updating your settings across all relevant sites

Making changes on: GYG (Get Your Guide)

Any changes made on Bókun, whether this is adding or removing a setting, have to be remapped using your Get Your Guide self-mapping tool.

Making changes on: EXPEDIA

Contact your Expedia Destination manager and provide them with details on what was changed in Bókun. Please remember to include your Bókun ID which can be found in the bottom left corner of your Bókun account. Here are details on how to make changes on your Expedia account:

If you do not have a dedicated Destination manager, please email with your Bókun ID.

Making changes on: VIATOR

We highly recommend you enable the additional options for your Viator connection:

  • Auto update from Viator to Bokun. If you make changes to your products on Viator, they will be automatically updated in Bókun. Note: The product information and content on Viator will replace what you have already in Bókun. Learn more.
  • Auto deactivates on Bokun when deactivated on Viator. If you deactivate a product on Viator, it will automatically deactivate in Bókun. Learn more.

Start Times

If you’re editing, adding or deleting your Start times on Bókun, ensure you make the same changes on Viator. Here’s how:

  1. Select the product in question in your Viator account
  2. Navigate to Schedule and prices
  3. Click on the pencil icon to make adjustments and align with Bókun.


When editing or deleting Rates in Bókun, ensure you also make the changes on Viator. Here’s how:

  1. Select the product in question in your Viator account
  2. Navigate to Product connection and click Edit
  3. Under the Supplier option, you can then select the rate that matches.

Pick up

Editing Pick up also requires you to match your settings in Viator. Here’s how:

  1. In your Viator account, select the product you’d like to amend.
  2. Next, navigate to Product content and the Meeting & Pickup section to edit your pickup settings.
  3. Select the relevant one to match your setting in Bókun:
  • ‘We pick up all travelers’ (in Bókun: ‘Pick up only’)
  • ‘We meet all travelers at a meeting point’ (in Bókun: ‘Meet on Location’)
  • ‘We can pick up travelers or meet them at a meeting point’ (in Bókun: ‘Meet on

Ensure this matches your selection in Bókun.


If you're experiencing problems with your Viator availbility after connecting your product, please check this article for furhter information.