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How to add new experiences to Expedia

This article explains how to add new experiences from Bókun to Expedia when you already have an existing Expedia connection.

There are three steps you need to complete if you add a new experience to Bókun:


1. Create the experience in both systems


The first step is to create your new experience in Bókun and Expedia.  Here is more detailed information on how you add new experiences in Bókun.

2. Add the experience to your list of experiences in your Expedia contract terms


The second step is to manually add the product to your list of products in your Expedia contract terms.

  • Select Sales tools > Marketplace > Contract terms.

  • Select the Expedia contract terms from your list of contract terms.

  • Go to the Select experiences for your contract section and add the experience by clicking on the empty tick box in front of the experience name.

    Remember to save your changes.

3. Contact your Account manager at Expedia and provide them with your Bókun supplier ID


Your new experience is now available for mapping. The third step is to contact your account manager at Expedia and they will complete the integration for you.