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How can I make changes to my Viator connected products?

Your Viator integration allows you to manage your products in one place - Bókun. This means that the most manual tasks, such as updating availability, can be managed in Bókun which automatically updates your availability everywhere else.

We highly recommend you enable the additional options for your Viator connection:

  • Auto import and mapping of instant confirmation products from Viator. All additional products that you add on Viator will be automatically imported and connected to your Bókun account. Learn more.
  • Auto update from Viator to Bokun. If you make changes to your products on Viator, they will be automatically updated in Bókun. Note: The product information and content on Viator will replace what you have already in Bókun. Learn more.
  • Auto deactivates on Bokun when deactivated on Viator. If you deactivate a product on Viator, it will automatically deactivate in Bókun. Learn more.

There are some settings that need updating on both platforms. Below is a checklist of settings and what to look out for when updating them:

Start Times

If you’re editing, adding or deleting your Start times on Bókun, ensure you make the same changes on Viator. Here’s how:

  1. Select the product in question in your Viator account
  2. Navigate to Schedule and prices
  3. Click on the pencil icon to make adjustments and align with Bókun.


When editing or deleting Rates in Bókun, ensure you also make the changes on Viator. Here’s how:

  1. Select the product in question in your Viator account
  2. Navigate to Product connection and click Edit
  3. Under the Supplier option, you can then select the rate that matches.

Pick up

Editing Pick up also requires you to match your settings in Viator. Here’s how:

  1. In your Viator account, select the product you’d like to amend.
  2. Next, navigate to Product content and the Meeting & Pickup section to edit your pickup settings.
  3. Select the relevant one to match your setting in Bókun:
  • ‘We pick up all travelers’ (in Bókun: ‘Pick up only’)
  • ‘We meet all travelers at a meeting point’ (in Bókun: ‘Meet on Location’)
  • ‘We can pick up travelers or meet them at a meeting point’ (in Bókun: ‘Meet on Location or Pick-up’)

Booking management

  • To cancel a Viator booking and refund your traveller, you will need to cancel in your Viator account. Cancelling the booking in Bókun will only cancel it in Bókun and do nothing else.
  • Booking amendments made in Viator are not delivered to Bókun, so you will need to update bookings in Bókun and in Viator.
  • Your booking cut-off set in Bókun also needs to match the booking cut-off in Viator.