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Adventure waivers

This third party app allows you to create and manage an unlimited number of digital waivers. Create your custom forms and schedule emails to customers for use on all devices.

How do I set the waivers up?

Once you’ve got the waiver app installed (remember, it’s free for 7 days, why not give it a try?) a new tab will open to access your waiver dashboard.

Select Create a new form, and you’ll see a basis form including

  • Title of the form
  • Internal note
  • Your logo

You can add different sections depending on the questions or sections you need.

Currently, the following can be added:

  • Logo
  • Paragraph
  • Markdown
  • Image
  • Yes/No question (you can set which answer you accept)
  • Open question (can be required)
  • Signature
  • Participant Name

You can also set when exactly the waiver will be sent to the guest.

Once you’ve saved the form, you will need to connect the form to a specific product and start time for the waiver to be sent. You can search using the dropdown for specific product titles, codes or start times and add the product and start times you’d like the waiver to be sent to.

Once done, you’ll get a confirmation screen to assure that you’ve made all necessary changes.

How this will look for your guests

Once a booking has been made your guest should receive an email confirmation and ticket and if you’ve set up a waiver to be sent at the time of booking they will get an email alerting them of the waiver. of the bookings of all other dashboards combied

The email will lead to the form that you’ve set up and ask each passenger to sign the waiver. At this time, you won’t be able to select an option to only send one waiver per booking.

Additional settings


You can check all sent waivers for each departure on your Home tab and can follow the percentage to see how many participants have already filled out the form/still need to file the form.


Select the Teams tab, you can add additional teams members that can be invited using a link or an email.

Once added, guides can collect waivers from passengers who didn't fill out the waivers beforehand simply on the spot by letting them sign on a tablet or similar.


Selecting the Forms tab will lead you to all created forms to edit existing, add additional forms.

Email settings

You can change the email that will receive any customer reply in the top right, when selecting settings. You can also set if you’d like to receive email notifications for incorrect answers.

Any questions about the adventure waiver? Reach out to this app's third party provider at