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Your Account Dashboard

If you log into Bókun, you'll be taken to your own personalised Account Dashboard. To get you started, the account dashboard will suggest steps you should complete to get the most out of Bókun, to name a few: adding your products, creating your widgets, connect to a payment provider and OTAs.


Once you've completed your onboarding steps, your Account Dashboard will provides you a great overview of your account, your sales and opportunities that can increase your exposure.

Booking data

This section will give you an overview of your bookings on your sales channels, upcoming departures and real-time sales updates

Where does the data come from?

PRO users will see a number of statistics at the top of their page to provide a quick overview of their sales on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. The numbers you will see here are based on the gross booking value of confirmed bookings and the currency is based on the main currency you have selected for your account.

The highlighted section below gives you a visual understanding of your sales distribution. This means that you will see how much revenue is generated through each channel, i.e. your website or the marketplace.


Available features

It will highlight the features that you could be taking advantage of to increase your sales and exposure.


Product improvements or missing settings

It will highlight any missing settings or improvement you can add to your products to ensure your products are always up-to-date.


Allow you to quickly access our Bókun blog posts and Help Center articles.

If you're doing some work on your account and wish to return to the dashboard later just click the Bókun logo in the top left avobe the searchbar.