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How do I get paid?

This article explains how you will be paid for the sales of your products on different sales channels. You can sell your products on four different sales channels. Each channel will process payments differently, so take a look below to learn more about each one.

✴️ To get paid from your sellers, e.g. the OTA’s or your sellers on marketplace, you will have to invoice the sellers and provide them with your billing information. Bókun will not pay you directly for any sales. Bókun is not the merchant of record for any transaction because Bokun does not process payments directly on the Bokun platform. In order to process payments for bookings made on your website you will need to use a payment provider.


Online Booking Engine

Any bookings made through your Bókun booking engines will be processed by your payment provider. Payments will be deposited directly into your payment provider account, and from there you will be able to access the funds and move them to your bank account.


The Bókun Marketplace

Resellers are responsible for accepting payments on behalf of suppliers for any products resold from the Bokun Marketplace. Suppliers then must invoice their resellers directly. If you have resellers, you can use the Marketplace invoice report to see who you need to invoice.

✴️ Please note that the reseller invoices are created outside Bokun and funds are transferred outside Bókun.


Online Travel Agencies (OTAs)

When an OTA sells your products, the OTA processes the payments on your behalf. The OTA will pay you in accordance to the contract that you have with them.  Please refer to your contract with your OTAs to learn when you will be paid and what margin they will keep.


Booking Agents

Booking agents are people outside your company who are reselling your products for a commission. When you add a booking agent in Bókun, you can choose whether the booking agent should use your payment provider to process credit card payments or if the booking agents should process payments themselves. If they process payments themselves, you will need to send them an invoice for the products they have sold. If you choose to send them an invoice, you can use the Agent report to monitor who you need to invoice.


Online Travel Agencies (OTAs)
Booking Agents
Payment Providers
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