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Adventure Dashboard

This third party app allows you to create a new dashboard to showcase the tours and number of available seats, seat occupancy all in one view and it allows you to display data from Bókun on a wall monitor for your customers or yourself!

How do I set the dashboards up?

Once you’ve got the dashboard installed (remember, it’s free, why not give it a try?) you will be linked over to your already logged-in account with Adventure dashboards and can create a new dashboard using the highlighted button. You’ll see a new window asking you to select up to 5 departures to display and naming your dashboard. You can either display booked or available seats, or show the dates in rows or in columns. Once done, your dashboard can be displayed on other devices using a link. Make sure the link is only shared with people you trust, as your booking data can be viewed using it.


Additional settings

  • Prefer dark theme? No problem. Select the switch at the top right to show your dashboard in dark theme. You can always switch it back with just one click.
  • Overview dashboards Once you’ve got more than one dashboard you can also compile a dashboard of the bookings of all other dashboards combied

Any questions about the Adventure Dashboard? Reach out to this apps third party provider at