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Troubleshooting common issues (PRO)

This article will help you troubleshoot some common queries relating to the Bókun mobile App

The Bókun mobile App is based on your settings, bookings and user accounts you’ve set up in your Bókun account. Therefore, if something doesn’t look right in the mobile app, it’s best to check that in your account. You can use Bókun on your mobile web too if you don’t have a computer or laptop by your side.

The Bókun mobile App is a separate App that users on Bókun PRO subscription plan can add to their subscription. For further information, click here.

Depending on what issue you’re experiencing, we recommend some troubleshooting steps listed below.

Common issues and fixes

Log in issues

  • Incorrect password - If you’re unable to log in, please click on the Reset password button to change your password. Note: User or Resource accounts have to be managed by the account admin.
  • 2-Factor authentication - If you have enabled 2-step verification in your Bókun account, it will also be enabled automatically for the Bókun mobile App.

Bookings/departures not appearing

If a certain booking or departure isn’t appearing, it's best to check if this is the same on your desktop/web account. Try searching for the booking using the booking reference or traveller name using the global search bar:

If you’re still unable to locate the booking, please contact us with the specific booking’s confirmation email and booking reference number, so we can investigate this further for you.

Ticket scan issues

  • Scanner not working - It can sometimes happen that a QR code can’t be scanned because of the surrounding lighting or quality of the code. If so, you can retrieve the booking by clicking on the Type in the booking reference button and manually typing in a booking reference

Issue still not resolved?

We’ve tested the Bókun mobile App extensively, but you may, from time to time, come across some teething issues whilst this is still in its beta phase. We understand that it can be annoying but would love the opportunity to fix and improve this for you.

If you’re missing a feature or functionality, or the issue you’re experiencing could not be resolved using the information above, please contact our support team at