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How does the Bókun Marketplace work for suppliers (PRO)

After you have uploaded your products to Bókun, you can send a contract proposal to anyone using Bókun. In that contract proposal, you list:

  • Which products they'll get access to
  • The prices of the products
  • The commission they'll receive for selling your products

The reseller can then book your products through their Bókun account or set up an online booking engine  on their website with your products. Bookings made through the marketplace will incur the 1.5% Bókun service fee, if you subscribed or upgraded to Bókun PRO on or after the 1. June 2022.

The reseller is then responsible for charging the customer and the supplier needs to invoice him.

You can not invoice your resellers via Bókun but you can use our Marketplace invoice report to see who you need to invoice and the amount they owe you.


Getting started with the Marketplace (PRO)

What is the Bókun service fee?