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How to review, accept and reject contract proposals in the Bókun marketplace (PRO)

Accepting, reviewing, and rejecting Marketplace contract proposals as both a Reseller and Supplier.

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The process of receiving proposals varies a bit, depending on whether you are being asked to become a reseller or a supplier. We will go over both processes in this article.

How to review, accept and reject Reseller contract proposals as a Supplier#

When you get a reseller contract proposal, the potential seller is requesting that you send them your contract terms - you are the supplier, and they (a reseller) want to sell your products.

Log into Bókun when you receive an e-mail with a contract proposal. To review the proposal, click Marketplace > Marketplace on the left hand side menu and then click Incoming proposals.

This is where  you can see all of your incoming proposals. To review the contract proposal, click View on the right-hand side and then click View reseller/supplier contract.

At the top of the screen, you can see who the supplier is (you in this case) and who the seller is.

There are also 3 - 4 tabs at the top of the contract which include:

  • Terms: Where you specify the basic settings, e.g. termination dates and signatures
  • Products: Your list of products that are available for this contract as per the contract terms you select. If you have different products assigned to different contract terms, this list will update when you change the contract selected in the Contract terms field. (Please note, Contract Terms must be created before assigning them to a proposal. Also, if you have a contract titled Viator, Expedia, or GetYourGuide, do not assign these to a Marketplace partnership).
  • Pricing: The prices that are valid for this contract.
  • Other: Custom fields you have created for your contracts. Here is more information on adding custom fields. Note, this tab only appear if you have any custom fields.

Both suppliers and resellers can propose settings that apply to Booking changes and cancellations. You will both need to agree on these terms. Read carefully over your contract and make sure you're happy with what is proposed. If not, make amendments and send the contract back for the other party to approve.

First four fields determine if or when you/the reseller can cancel and change bookings. The options are the following:

  • Always
  • After travel date
  • Before travel date
  • Never

The next four fields under Booking changes and cancellations apply to the following:

Seller shares the customer contact details with the supplier: This field determines if or when you will receive customer info in case you want to be able to contact your customers directly.

  • At the time of booking
  • Never (always hidden to supplier)
  • A few days before the travel date

Supplier is allowed to send customer review request after travel: If this box is ticked, you will be able to request reviews automatically via email after the customer has completed their travels.

The next section is Validity date & termination. Here you set how long the contract is valid for and when it can be terminated.

At the bottom of the form are the signatures. You sign it automatically when you send a contract proposal.

When you've gone over all the fields, you need to either send a proposal back to the seller with your proposed contract terms or reject the proposal. To send or reject the proposal, you will need to write in the text box for the Send Proposal and Reject Proposal buttons to be active.

The seller will then need to accept, reply to, or reject your proposal.

How to review, accept and reject Supplier contract proposals as a Reseller:

In this case, you are the reseller, and they are a supplier. They will therefore have sent you a contract proposal which already includes their contract terms and suggested commission.

The process of responding to a supplier contract proposal is otherwise very similar to the process described above but with reversed roles.

To review the contract proposal, click View vendor and then click View supplier contract.

As you can see, there is no field for contract terms. Click Products and Pricing to view the products the supplier has proposed you sell for them and the prices/suggested commission.

Once you have gone over all the fields that are mentioned above in the article, you have three options. Either to accept the proposal, send a reply or reject the proposal. Please note that you need to write text in the box to go with your reply to the supplier.

What happens next?#

The other company can accept, reject or send a counterproposal. When both parties have accepted the agreement, you have access to the other parties' products.

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