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How to review, accept and reject contract proposals in the Bókun marketplace (PRO)

Accepting, reviewing, and rejecting Marketplace contract proposals as both a Reseller and Supplier.

The process of receiving proposals varies a bit, depending on whether you are being asked to become a reseller or a supplier. We will go over both processes in this article.

How to review, accept and reject Reseller contract proposals as a Supplier#

When you get a reseller contract proposal, the potential seller is requesting that you send them your contract terms - you are the supplier, and they (a reseller) want to sell your products.

Log into Bókun when you receive an e-mail with a contract proposal. To review the proposal, click Marketplace > Marketplace on the left hand side menu and then click My Contracts > Incoming proposals.

This is where  you can see all of your incoming proposals. To review the contract proposal, click Proposer's name and you will be redirected to the Marketplace contract page.

When you've gone over all the fields, you need to either send a proposal back to the seller with your proposed contract terms or reject the proposal. Once your accept or reject the proposal, you will automatically land to the conversation with the other operator where you can explain the reasons behind your choice.

The seller will then need to accept, reply to, or reject your proposal.

How to review, accept and reject Supplier contract proposals as a Reseller:

In this case, you are the reseller, and they are a supplier. They will therefore have sent you a contract proposal which already includes their contract terms and suggested commission.

The process of responding to a supplier contract proposal is otherwise very similar to the process described above but with reversed roles.

To review the contract proposal, click proposer's name and you will be redirected to supplier contract.

As you can see, there is no field for contract terms. Click Products offered and Prices and commission to view the products the supplier has proposed you sell for them and the prices/suggested commission.

Once you have gone over all the fields that are mentioned above in the article, you either accept or reject the proposal.

You can also start a conversation with the supplier from the Conversations tab (read more about the Markeplace Instant conversations here) send a reply or reject the proposal.

What happens next?#

The other company can accept, reject or send a counterproposal. When both parties have accepted the agreement, you have access to the other parties' products.

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