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Payment List

Payment list is a report which shows you all payments made in your Bókun system.

Select "Reports" > "Payment list".

The report shows you by default all sales made this current month, sorted by transaction date and showing the oldest at the top.

There are multiple filters you can use to filter and search for data in the payment list.

#: the payment reference number.

Search: Here you can search for the bookings booking reference number.

Payment type: Here you can select the payment type you want to look at. This can be Web Payment, Point of Sale, cash and/or voucher.

Currency: Here you can select whether you would like to select one or more currencies.

Transaction date: This drop-down list allows you to select between looking at transaction date or travel date.

The date fields, from and to: Select the date range you would like to look at data from.

Affiliate: Here you can search for a particular affiliate and see transaction only related to him.

Group by bookings: Selecting this option shows you the payment list per individual bookings. By default the list shows you payment according to shopping carts.