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How to reconcile invoices with DK accounting

In this article we will cover how you move your bookings from Bókun to DK to create invoices. Here is information on how you can integrate DK and Bókun if you haven't done so yet.

DK is an Icelandic accounting system. Send your bookings from Bókun and create invoices in DK automatically. You can find more infomration on DKs website.


How can I send my invoices to DK?

  • Select Reports > Reconcile invoices with DK.

  • In Reconcile invoices with DK, you get an overview of all the bookings that were booked for the current month. You can select which date range you would like to view by adjusting the drop-down lists.

The data can be filtered by type of invoice, supplier/re-seller, confirmed/no show, currency, Booked date/travel date and date range.

  • When you have filtered the data, you can select either individual bookings or all bookings and move the invoice data over to DK by selecting the Reconcile all with DK button.

  • After you have moved the invoices over to DK, the checkbox next to the booking will be replaced by an ID number from DK.

  • If you select the ID number from DK, you will see the invoice from DK.
    Please note that you have to be logged in to DK to be able to see the invoice in Bokun.