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Payment Providers (PRO)

Learn more about what a payment provider is and how to add a payment provider to accept online bookings

What is a payment provider?#

A payment provider is a service provider that authorizes credit card payments for a business. It processes the traveler’s card payment on your website and manages the payment transaction.

Do I need a payment provider to use Bókun?#

You do not need a payment provider to use Bókun. You can accept payment on arrival instead when a booking is made via one of your booking channels.

How do I access my money?#

The amount the traveler paid for your product is deposited into your bank account by the payment provider. Each payment provider has different rules on when your money will be deposited to your bank account. To learn more about this, please visit the payment provider's website.

Do payment providers charge a fee?#

Yes, payment providers usually take a transaction fee for their service. The amount varies, so please check what the fee is with the payment provider.

When do I need a payment provider?#

The payment provider is only used to process bookings made via your online booking engine on your website and for bookings made manually through Bokun's Create Bookings. You do not need to have a payment provider for OTAs bookings or marketplace bookings. In these cases, the seller will process the payment from the traveler.

Can I use more than one payment provider?#

You can use more than one payment provider but only one can be added to each booking channel.

Which payment providers does Bókun work with?#

Here is a list of the payment providers that Bokun integrates with, listed by location

Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong#

Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Mexico and Brazil#

Mexico and Uruguay#

Almost all locations#


Iceland only#

Note: The country list might not be complete. To confirm whether your country is eligible for a specific payment provider, please refer to the payment provider's website. If anything here does not fit with what the payment provider states, refer back to the payment provider for more updated information.

What is the first step to get started using a payment provider?#

If you do not use a payment provider already, you'll need to sign up for one of the payment providers listed above before integrating it with Bókun.

If you already use a payment provider, please make sure it is one that is supported by Bókun. If it's not one of the providers that Bókun supports, you will not be able to integrate it with Bókun. Learn more about adding an active payment provider.

Can I choose not to take online payments on my website?#

Yes, you have the option to not accept payments at the time of booking.

What do I do while I wait to be accepted by a payment provider?#

Set up your booking engine to not take payment at the time of booking (select Pay upon arrival in  Bookings), and add your payment provider as soon as it is activated.

For more specific instructions for each payment provider (and how to integrate it with Bókun) please visit this article.