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Passenger list

Here you find information on the passenger list report in Bókun, a manifest of your daily departures

The passenger list or the manifest, shows you a list of all the passengers who are booked for each of your departures for the day. It allows you to filter by tours and departures, show bookable extras and set who has arrived and who is a no-show, giving you all the information you need to prepare for the day with your customers.

Select Operations > Passenger list.

The passenger list shows all passengers for the day organised by departure time and tour by default.

You can filter your passenger lists by departures, tours and dates. Select the time and tour you wish to see information for from the "Departures" and "Tours" drop-down lists and/or select the date in the field next to them.

To see information on bookable extras, you can tick the "Show Extras" checkbox. That should complete your list and show all the data needed for you to prepare for the day.