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How to create a Bókun website (PRO)

To easily accept bookings through your very own website, create your very own custom website in Bókun!

How do I create my website?#

Learn how to create your Bókun wesbite with this short video or follow the steps below

1. Click Websites in the side navigation.

2. Add a name, theme, an image and a colour. Click Create my website and your website is ready in a matter of seconds!

3. You can click View website to get a preview of how your website will look. You can then click Publish website to publish your website so you can start accepting bookings.

For additional customization, you can add the Advanced Website Upgrade app to your subscription. That gives you access to edit every part of your website, features, colours, elements, etc. You can also activate your website so it becomes accessible for your customers, and they can start booking your experiences.

Here's a video offering an overview of the Advanced Website Upgrade:

How do I edit the settings for my website?#

Click Websites in the left-hand side menu.

Your website
If you haven't already published the website, you can do that here.

Social connections

You can connect your social media accounts to your Bókun website so that customers can be further inspired by your social media content. Simply add links to your Facebook account and your Instagram account.

TripAdvisor reviews

A TripAdvisor connection allows your Bókun website to display the reviews from TripAdvisor profile. The connection can also automatically get information like “About us” to use on your Bókun website.

The Advanced Website Upgrade app gives you the opportunity to add a TripAdvisor Reviews widget

Contact information
Your customers are going to want to get in touch. Add your phone number, email, street address and a greeting to display in your Contact us section of your website.

Business information
Add business information on your Bókun website. Add your website name, slogan, logo and About us text to display.

Listed products
Choose the products you'd like to be available on your website. If you disable Display all products on my website you can choose the product list you want in the drop-down and click Save & Continue. A product list is a list of specific experiences that you want to group together. Learn more about product lists.

Domain settings
Here you can edit your website domain. You get a free domain from Bókun that includes your company name, example: You can also use a custom domain if you'd like. When you've entered the domain you like, click Save & Continue. Learn more about domains.

How do I activate my website?#

1. Navigate to Websites in the left-hand side menu.

2. Click Publish website to publish your website so you can start accepting bookings.

3. Once you've published your website, you can access it by clicking the URL in the bottom left corner.

You can now share your webpage with your travelers and start receiving bookings!


Bookings that come through your website appear in the Bókun Sales Feed like all other bookings. They include the name of your new website so you can easily see which bookings are coming through your brand-new website.


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