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Creating gift cards to sell alongside your products

Give your customers an option to share your experiences with their friends and family by offering gift cards.

Gift cards are a great way for your customers to give their friends and family a chance to experience your tours and activities. You can create gift cards in Bókun and sell them directly on your website. The gift cards can then be used by your customers via your online booking engine.

If you’ve already created your gift cards, learn more about how you can sell them on your website.

Gift Cards and Upsell is a separate App that users on Bókun PRO subscription plan can add to their subscription for FREE. For further information, click here.

How do I create gift cards?

  1. Click Products > Gift cards.
  2. Go to the Online configuration section in the top menu
  3. Click Create gift card option.

What’s a configuration? The configuration is the type of gift card you want to create, e.g. a 100 USD value card, a 50 USD value card or one for a special promotion. These types of gift cards are sold directly on your site and have unlimited quantity.

1. Fill in all the information needed for the gift card configuration:

  • Card value: The amount of the gift card, e.g. 100 USD
  • Currency: Choose the currency of the gift card.
  • Discount: Choose a discount in % applied to the card, i.e. the card value is $100, but you offer a discount of 25%, meaning the traveller only has to pay $75 for a $100 value card. Offering a discount can help boost sales but isn’t mandatory.
  • Code prefix: The word or letters you use as reference to identify the gift card codes, maximum 7 letters.
  • Title: This is the name of the gift-card. It’s only for internal use and won’t be displayed to your customers.
  • Card expiration: Choose a date when the gift card expires. We recommend setting it to at least 12 months.

2. Click Save changes. Once your gift card configuration is ready, you can sell your gift card by creating a gift card booking engine to add to your website.

Can I also offer one-off gift cards?

Yes, you can still create one-off gift cards. In the gift card menu, click Send gift card on the right-hand side. However, please note that these types of gift cards have limited quantity and can’t be sold on your website.

If you want to sell your gift cards online, please follow the instructions above to create new gift card configurations.

What does the gift card look like to the traveller?

Travellers can purchase the gift cards just like any other product. Here’s a preview of the gift card widget:

How can I sell gift cards on my website?
How to accept gift cards in your online booking engine widgets