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How to create and use Booking Channels

This article explains what a booking channel is and how to create and use one

What is a booking channel?#

A booking channel is an online sales channel that tracks where your online bookings are coming from. Usually, it will be your company's website.

When you sign up for Bókun, you are asked for your company website. Your website will be one of your booking channels in Bókun. The other booking channel that is automatically created for you is your internal bookings channel. This channel is for all bookings made directly on Bókun by you or a member of your team.

Where do I find my booking channels?#

In the side navigation click on Online sales > Booking channels. Here you have a list of your available booking channels.

When do I need to create new booking channels?#

When working with affiliate sellers, you might create a booking engine for them to add to their website. In this case, you would need to add your affiliate's website to your booking channels in Bókun.

Here is an example: a hotel wants to sell your products on its website by allowing travellers to book on the hotel website directly. To separate the bookings that come in from your website from the bookings that come through the hotel's website you can add them as an affiliate and create a booking channel.

Also, when you connect to OTAs like Viator, a new booking channel is automatically created for each of them.

How do I create a booking channel?#

1. To create a booking channel, click on Online sales > Booking channels In the side navigation, and then click the blue New Channel button.

2. Type in the name of the booking channel. It is a good idea to use a descriptive name, like the name of the website, so you can differentiate between your booking channels.

3. Follow the product wizard on the left-hand side to create online booking engines, adjust the settings, etc. for your new booking channel. Remember to click the blue Save and continue in each step.

Online sales#


  • Choose which payment methods to offer your customers. You can offer full payment, deposits and paying on arrival. You can also define a discount for each payment method. Learn more about payment methods.
  • Select types of customer information you want to collect during checkout.


  • Customize your online booking engine widgets for your booking channel. You can customize your calendar, product page and product list.
  • Upsell additional products after a customer has finished their booking by showing them a product list of additional products. Learn more about upselling your products.


  • Add tracking to your booking channel to get further data on your customers. Learn more about Google Analytics.
  • Upsell additional products after a customer has finished their booking by showing them a product list of additional products.