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Why have we changed our pricing model?

Get to know Bókun's new subscription plans, the Bókun FREE and the Bókun PRO


Ever since the early days of Bókun, back in 2012, we had the dream “to bring the experiences' industry together with a powerful yet easy-to-use platform for everyone”. Today, Bókun is a key software platform for operators offering tours and experiences and our mission remains at the core of everything we do.

We continue to drive new solutions and innovations to enable everyone to work together for greater efficiency and to offer an all-in-one software platform. We’re optimistic about the future of the Experiences industry, and we’re committed to invest in the growth of the industry and our customers.

To support this new phase, we’re moving towards a new pricing model with a low subscription fee and reduced service fee for direct online bookings. The new pricing aims to put more value into your hands by bringing core features to the forefront, and to enable you to scale your businesses with new and innovative tools and services.

Why now?

Our current pricing model challenges our ability to focus development efforts on features and functionality outside those that we charge for. This new pricing model greatly enhances our ability to invest in the platform as a whole rather than specific channels or pieces of functionality.

In the face of the pandemic, we remain committed as we go full steam ahead with our product innovation and new services as a key software provider for the industry. We seek to work with our customers every step of the way to overcome the challenges and stay relevant.

What is our new model?

Bókun is offering two different subscription plans, the Bókun FREE plan and our more advanced Bókun PRO plan:

  • The FREE plan allows you to connect your Experiences to Viator, manage offline bookings. This is a great option for someone just getting started or only looking for a few distribution channels.
  • The PRO plan gives you access to an entire suite of tools to run and grow your business. You can have unlimited users within your account, and manage bookings and availability across a variety of channels, such as offline, direct online, OTA and reseller channels. As part of this plan, you will also get a booking website and/or booking widget to grow your direct online bookings.

Take a look at our plan overview What are Bókun's subscription plans? to learn more about our plans and features.