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Add Apps to your Bókun PRO plan to help you grow your business more effectively. Learn about our Subvendor App, benefits, how it works

With the Subvendor App, you will have the ability to manage multiple companies within a single account. It’s also useful if you operate different products in different destinations or under separate companies.

Subvendors is a separate App that users on Bókun PRO subscription plan can add to their subscription. For further information, click here.

How can I use the Subvendor App?#

Examples of use cases for subvendors:

  • Use case 1: A local aggregator bringing together suppliers from a fragmented market into one system. E.g. a seller from Greenland who decides he needs all supply in Greenland into one system, but none of the suppliers have systems currently in place. In this case, the seller can have his Bókun account, then he can create each of his suppliers as “subvendors” and manage their products and accounts. Note, that the seller can give the suppliers login access to manage their own products.
  • Use case 2: A vendor who has multiple sub-brands. Each sub-brand is run separately and possibly has their individual Viator accounts. In this case sub-vendors will be the right option because they need one Bókun account per Viator account. Also, this gives easier access to each sub-brand company, because the parent vendor only has to log in once, and can use the disguise feature to go between subvendor accounts.

Parent vendor is the vendor that owns the main Bókun account and is the creator of subvendors. Subvendor is the vendor that is created by the parent vendor.

What are the benefits of using subvendors instead of multiple Bókun accounts?#

  • Subvendor accounts inherit the PRO subscription from their parent vendor so you only pay for one PRO subscription
  • You have the ability to clone products from the parent account to subvendor accounts
  • All subscription charges are handled in one account, reducing the effort needed for billing management
  • The parent vendor can easily switch between accounts whilst logged in, saving time and eliminating the need to login multiple times

What do subvendor accounts look like?#

Subvendor accounts look exactly like regular vendor accounts, and they have the same setup. It is up to the parent vendor, to decide if the sub-vendors have a login and can manage their own products and bookings, or if the parent vendor is the only one with access.

What is the price for the Subvendor App?#

Take advantage of the Subvendor App for $99 a month.

How do I add it to my subscription?#

You can add any App to your subscription through the Bókun App Store. Find more information here.

What are the account settings for subvendors?#

Subvendors inherit the PRO plan subscription from their parent vendor. This means that if you add the subvendor app, you get up to 5 PRO subvendor accounts for free.

Subvendors do not inherit apps from their parent vendor. This means that each subvendor will have to pay if they want to install paid apps.

All metered charges (e.g. booking charges) are paid by the parent vendor. That is, if subvendors incur booking charges from direct bookings, the parent vendor pays for all of them.