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Using Bókun's API and web services (PRO)

This article explains Bókun's API and web services

Bókun features a powerful Application Programming Interface (API).

Please note that the API keys give access to all your products and data. Do NOT give the API keys to anyone outside of your company except your developers.

How to Create API Keys#

Click settings at the left hand bottom corner of your screen, then select "API keys" of the list that appears.

Click the blue "Add" button to create API keys.

Settings for the new API key#

Title: Internal name for your API key

Services: You can define if an API can book without using a payment provider in Bókun

User role: You can define a user role for the new key depending on the user roles you have created in your account. More information on user roles: /docs/settings/users-and-user-roles/user-roles

Booking channel: Select the booking channel your API key should to have access to

More Information#

The  function of the API is extensive and will not be covered in full in this article. However, we have documentation and test environments.

Demo Environment#

Since testing and practicing your API skills is hard in the real life, our support team will provide you with demo access to Bókun for your testing.

Please go to this link: to sign up for access to our Demo Environment if you are looking for a way to test the API's features and functions without having to worry about the consequences.