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How to set up Rapyd Token

1. Get a Rapyd payment contract#

The first thing you need to do is to contact Rapyd and set up a payment contract with them.

When you have a contract in place with Rapyd, you can connect Rapyd and Bókun.

2. Set up the Rapyd payment provider in Bókun#

  1. Click Online Sales in the navigation and then click Payment providers.

Payment providers in navigation

  1. Click Connect a Payment Provider
  2. From the Other providers dropdown select Rapyd.
  3. Fill in the following form according to the integration information you get from Rapyd.
    • You will need the Secret Key and Access Key from your Rapyd account.

Rapyd form

3. Connect the payment provider to your booking channel(s)#

To start accepting payments with your new payment provider, you need to connect it to your booking channel(s). If you have multiple different booking channels, you'll have to repeat the steps below if you want the provider to be used in all of them.

  1. Open the Booking Channels page under Online Sales in the navigation.
  2. Open the booking channel you want to edit.
  3. In the Pricing and Payments step of your booking channel editor, select your new Rapyd payment provider in the Payment provider dropdown.

Rapyd form

When a payment is processed through Rapyd, you will see the booking code on the description of the payment and, if you log in your Rapyd account, you will be able to access the booking id, travel date, traveller name, product id, and when it was created. Also, the traveller will see in their credit card payment the booking code for that payment.

4. Test your payment process#

After you add a booking engine to your website, it's a good rule to create a booking and pay for it. This is to test both the booking process and to double-check that your payment option is functioning as it should. Learn more about how you can add a booking engine to your website and test the whole booking process.