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Bókun as a channel manager

Channel management is a simple way to manage all your products and products availability across multiple sales channels.

You have one system, where you set up and manage your products, then this centralized system is connected in real time to all your sales channels. This means when you receive a booking from e.g. your website, the availability across all your sales channels will update automatically.

What makes Bókun a unique channel manager for activities?

Bókun is set up on the basis that you are using real time availability. The sales channels use the real time availability you have in Bókun and as soon as bookings arrive, Bókun will update the inventory across all channels in real-time.

As an example you set up an activity in Bókun, that has a departure at 9:00 and it has 10 seats available, everyday of the week. All your sales channels will show the departure at 09:00 and have 10 seats available. As soon as you receive a booking for 2 people, all sales channels will automatically and instantaneously show 8 seats available at 9:00 for that one departure.

What are the benefits of using channel management?

You can manage your availability, closures, and bookings in one system. No worrying about being sold out on one channel and having open availability on another, putting you at risk for overbooking. Moreover, no manual work updating availability across channels or manage bookings via e-mails and phone calls.

It is quite simple, if there is availability, the tour is bookable, if it is sold out, the tour is sold out across all your channels.

What sales channels are available in Bókun?

Bókun has multiple sales options available to you, not just online and offline bookings. Bókun offers:

  • OTA’s: Bókun has integrations with multiple OTA’s and resellers
  • Marketplace: on the marketplace you can connect to multiple sellers, e.g. local hotels, information centers as well as other suppliers in your area that you cooperate with.
  • Agents: you can give your agents their private login so they can book the products you have selected for them, for the rates you have negotiated.
  • Affiliates: in the case you have sellers, who are not using Bókun, you can give them affiliate booking engines and track their sales and commission.
  • Online Booking Engines/Booking widgets: you can add simple and easy to use booking engines to your current website. No development or programming skills required, just copy and paste automatically generated code.
  • Websites:  if you need a new website, Bókun offers a simple and easy to use website builder.