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Contact information

Bókun allows for different contact types to be added so you can have a different Billing and Service Contact for example.


What you can specify in the contact information section:

  • Service Contact Details: Enter the contact information of the person from your company responsible for Bókun.

  • Billing Contact Details: Deselect this box if your Billing contact details are different from your "Service contact details," and add the information manually.

ℹ️ Your monthly invoices will be sent to the email registered under Billing contact details.


Contract Contact Details for the Marketplace

Deselect this box if the person you want the Marketplace contract contact person to be different from the person you added under Service contact details.

The information listed under Contract contact details will appear on your Marketplace business card.

ℹ️ All contract proposals and amendments will be sent to the email listed here.