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User roles & user permissions

This article will describe what User roles are and the permissions that users can perform in your account.


What are User roles?

Users are people that have access to your account. User roles describe the function your users will have and each role will have defined permissions the assigned user will have access to.

You can find User roles by typing it into the search bar or by navigating under Settings > Your account > User roles.

There are predefined User roles in Bókun that you can assign to your users. You can also create your own custom roles. For example, one specific user can have access to only sell products. You can also manage the default users permissions, except as below.


Predefined roles and permissions available are:

  • Admin is a vendor administrator and has all permissions available in the system. There is a ticked checkbox under the Role name* Admin field that is greyed out for "Is a vendor administrator". This means that you cannot edit the permissions for this user role and that users linked to the the Admin role have access to everything in Bókun.
  • Sales has permission to book, edit bookings before departure, view products and product content.
  • Sales Manager has permission to book, create bookings in the past, edit bookings both before and after departure. They can also view products and product content.
  • Product Manager has permission to book, create bookings in the past, as well as edit bookings both before and after departure. They can create and edit products and product content. They have access to embed widgets, integrations, sales channels and other sales and product management options.
  • Technical has permission to embed widgets, manage integrations, plug-ins and terms of service. They are able to view products and content.
  • Driver/Guide has permission to view operations reports like the passenger list and pick-up list. They do not have permission to edit or view anything else in Bókun.


Custom roles

To create a new custom user role, select Add in the top right corner of the User Role page.


More information on how to add/update users can be found here