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Where to update your Company profile in Bókun

This article explains where you can update your company information of your Bókun account.


Where can I find my company profile?

The Company profile section is where you can add and edit basic information about your company like your company name, description, logo, and registration information. The information you add in your company profile will be displayed on your Marketplace card.

To access the Company profile section, type Company profile in the search bar, or navigate to Settings > Your account > Company profile.


What information can I add in the company profile?

This is the company information that you will be able to update:

  • Company display name: Your company name. This name appears on the Marketplace. This name will also appear on your customer tickets, payment confirmation, and everywhere your company name is shown.

  • Logo: The logo for your company. It will appear on your marketplace profile, your account profile picture, customer tickets and similar.

  • Description: This description will appear on your Marketplace business card. It is a good idea to add an overview of what your company does, what kind of products you offer, if you are a supplier, reseller or both.

  • Your website: A link to your website. This link will appear on your Marketplace business card and on your customer tickets.

  • Tripadvisor profile: If you have a Tripadvisor business profile, add it here. The entered link needs to look something like this:

    This profile will also appear on your Marketplace business card.

  • Service Address: Your company's address. From where your business operates. This address is not shown to your customers.

  • Booking prefix: This prefix will be in front of all your booking confirmation codes.


Company Details

  • Company legal name: The legal name of your company tht was used to register it.

  • Registration number: This is the unique number your business got when it was registered. For Icelandic companies, the registration number is the company's kennitala.

  • VAT number: If your business collects VAT, you might need to enter your number here.

  • Show registration and VAT numbers on customer invoices: If selected (green), this will show the registration number and vat number on each guests invoice.

  • Registration address: Your companies legal address used to register your business.

  • Billing address is same as registration address: Deselect this box if your billing address is not the same as your registration address and add the information manually.

    The billing address will appear on the invoice for your subscription pr booking charges.


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