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How to add partners to your experience

Partners are external service providers who can be a part of your chosen product, e.g. a restaurant where you stop for lunch. Your partner will receive a notification when the activity you have linked them to is booked. When a booking for a partner tours is created the partner automatically receives an e-mail. In the notification e-mail the partner receives, there is a button to confirm the booking. The partner needs to click the confirm button to confirm he received the booking.
Note, that the booking for the end customer is always confirmed, whether the partner has confirmed or not.

Here's more information on how to create a new partner if you haven't created your partner yet.

How do I add a partner to an experience?

Select the product from your list of experiences and scroll down to "Partner services". Select "Add" up in the right hand corner of the "Partner services" window.

Select the name of the partner from the drop-down list along with the additional information that's being requested.

Please note that you can choose between price per person or per booking. The price is only between the tour operator and the partner - the end customer will never see it.