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Where to update your Company (Vendor) Information in Bókun

This article explains where to update your company (vendor) information in Bókun

Vendor Info is where you can add and edit basic information about your company like your company name, description, contact, and billing information.

The information found in Vendor info is also what other vendors will see when you create partnerships in the marketplace.

To access your Vendor info, click on Settings in the lower left hand corner of the side navigation menu > Company > select Vendor Info.

This is the company information that you will be able to update:

Title: Your company name. This name appears on the Marketplace. This name will also appear on your customer tickets, payment confirmation, and everywhere your company name is shown.

Description: This description will appear on your Marketplace business card. It is a good idea to add an overview of what your company does, what kind of products you offer, if you are a supplier, reseller or both.

Your website: A link to your website. This link will appear on your Marketplace business card and on your customer tickets.

TripAdvisor profile: If you have one, add it here. This profile will also appear on your Marketplace business card.

Service Address: Your company's address. This address is not shown to your customers.

Booking prefix: This prefix will be in front of all your booking confirmation codes.

Default language: The language that your product descriptions will appear in your online booking engines. You can override the language for each individual booking engine when you embed them.

Default currency: The default currency of your online booking engines and your Marketplace contracts. You can override the currency when you create markeplace contracts and embed your booking engines.

Default time zone: The default time zone based on the time zone of the country that you selected when you created your account.

Service Contact Details

Enter the contact information of the person from your company responsible for Bókun.

Billing Contact Details

Deselect this box if your Billing contact details are different from your "Service contact details," and add the information manually.

Your monthly invoices will be sent to the email registered under Billing contact details.

Contract Contact Details

Deselect this box if the person you want the marketplace contract contact person to be different from the person you added under "Service contact details."

The information listed under "Contract contact details" will appear on your Marketplace business card. All contract proposals and amendments will be sent to the email listed here.

Company Details

Your company's registration details, including your company name, registration number (if applicable), registration address on VAT number.

For Iceland, the registration number is the company's kennitala.

Deselect this box if your billing address is not the same as your registration address and add the information manually.

Hit Save once you have made all changes.

Read here to change your specific user settings (such as username, email, phone number, dashboard language)