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How to change the default currency for your Bókun account

Choose your own default currency to make marketplace contracts, add prices for your experiences and more

You can edit the default currency for your Bókun account. The default currency is the currency that is automatically selected in all your contracts, appears in your online booking engine and is shown when you are e.g. creating bookings in your own Bókun system.

How to change the default currency of your Experiences

1. Click Products > Experience overview in the left-hand navigation.

2. Choose the experience from the list that you want to edit the currency for

4. Navigate to Pricing > Currencies in the left navigation. Select the currencies you would like to sell this experience in from the drop-down and click Add. Click Set as default to set that currency as the default currency for this product. Then click Save & Continue.

How to change the default currency of your Bókun account

Click Settings in the bottom left corner, then click Vendor info.

Select the currency you'd like to use as your default currency and click Save.

Please note that making changes to your default currency can affect your OTA connections and Payment Provider settings. Only make this change if you're confident that this is needed.

How are currencies converted?

Live currency exchange rates are available to you and are converted from your default price with Borgun life exchange rate. You can see these conversions in your Bókun account by clicking Pricing > Currency conversation rates in the left-hand side menu.

You can also add your own fixed exchange rate.